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Delivering true portfolio diversification requires more than a single asset class, strategy or management style – it takes focus.

The BMO Alternative Strategies Fund is specifically designed to reduce risk by diversifying across multiple alternative investment managers and strategies. This Fund goes beyond the traditional equity/fixed income model as it seeks to provide less correlation, lower volatility, greater downside protection and more attractive risk-adjusted returns in a single investment.

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The BMO Alternative Strategies Fund invests across a wide range of complementary alternative investment styles to actively provide diversification throughout various market cycles. Allocating across non-traditional investments styles is designed to deliver several key benefits:

Downside Icon

Downside protection 

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Lower volatility than
the broad equity indices

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Lower correlation to traditional
equity and fixed income markets

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risk-adjusted returns


BMO Global Asset Management oversees the asset allocation and risk management responsibilities for this Fund. 

Throughout the process, we partner with the multi-manager selection expertise of our affiliate, CTC | myCFO. Together, we identify manager combinations that best reflect our goals for each strategic allocation.

Multi-dimensional oversight

Risk management occurs at every stage of portfolio construction. Each individual sub-adviser employs their own proprietary risk tools to adhere to stated investment guidelines, while BMO Global Asset Management and CTC | myCFO ensure daily compliance and guideline oversight for each sub-adviser.

In addition, BMO Global Asset Management monitors and — if warranted — can adjust the overall portfolio risk exposures through the use of a total portfolio overlay strategy to help ensure that the combined Fund delivers the desired portfolio benefits – lower volatility, lower correlation, downside protection and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn Logo

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Long/short strategies take long positions in the stocks of companies that the investment teams believe will increase in value and sell short the stocks of companies that they believe will either decline or underperform the long positions.

Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn and Iridian Asset Management both focus on companies that are undergoing some form of corporate change and utilize their assessments of how strategic decisions will impact valuation to determine whether to take long or short positions.

Relative Value Logos

Relative value strategies seek to exploit price differences between securities that have similar risk factors or characteristics by taking long positions in securities believed to be undervalued, while shorting those believed to be overvalued.

Capstone Investment Advisors focus largely on trading listed options.

Sound Point Logo

Hedged credit strategies take long and short positions in credit-sensitive fixed income securities based upon the investment team’s analysis and bottom-up views of specific issuers or top-down views of credit markets in general.

Sound Point Capital Management seeks to deliver returns by investing throughout the capital structure (secured bank debt, corporate bonds and equity-linked securities) across a broad spectrum of companies and industries.

Graham Capital Logo

Macro strategies seek to express their overall economic or political views across equity, fixed income, currency and commodity markets globally by taking long or short positions.

Graham Capital Management executes its strategy by utilizing futures, forwards and options on stock and bond indices as well as commodities markets.

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We deliver the components financial professionals need to build well diversified portfolios tailored to their clients’ objectives. To best serve you, we are committed to:

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